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Find the best route

On foot, in a vehicle, or using public transport, find your route. Choose whether to pay tolls or not along your route, choose the shortest or fastest route and find out how much your route will cost you. Our online route calculator optimizes your every journey and tells you how much your journey will cost based on your fuel consumption.

For the journey from London to Bristol, for example, you can choose whether or not to use the motorway and/or show the traffic, or enter your fuel consumption in litres per 100 km to predict your fuel consumption.

Reliable driving directions

My Driving Directions is a site that offers reliable driving directions that will help you arrive as quickly as possible by choosing a starting point and specific end point. Our route planner will help you miss traffic jams and road works. Your road map will give you detailed information on every direction to take until you arrive.

Rapid routes for every journey

For short or long trips, My Driving Directions will always give you the quickest and most detailed routes, whether you are going on foot, in a vehicle with traffic or on the motorway. Our site will also be able to offer you an alternative route in case of disruption on the original route.